In memory of 850th anniversary of death of Khoca Akhmet Yassawi



Almaty, 16-18 May 2016


The Eurasian Research Institute of Khoca Akhmet Yassawi International Turkish-Kazakh University will host its 2nd International Congress on Economics, Finance and Energy - EFE’2016 titled ‘Political Stability and Economic Development’ on May 16-18, 2016 in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

In 2016 we invite you to gather in Almaty, a former capital city of Kazakhstan, to discuss the relationship between political stability and economic development in the developing countries, particularly the Eurasian region countries. The theme directs our attention to exploring the cause and effect linkages between political turmoil and economic growth/ stability-led economic development in the developing countries. The Congress aims to establish a platform for scholars and experts to share their experience and knowledge on the intersection of political stability and economic development. More specifically, participants of the Congress will be focusing on: (a) the consequences of an unstable political environment for the investment climate and the pace of economic development; and, (b) the extent to which relatively poor economic performance leads to political unrest.

The participants are expected to submit the abstracts of their papers (250-300 words), which include the problem statement, explanation of the hypotheses, methods used and the research results, through the Congress Submission System no later than 22nd February 2016. Scholars and experts are invited to submit their papers for the EFE’2016 Congress with a focus on the following topics:

  • Political Stability, Economic Development and the Developing Countries
  • Political Stability and Economic Development in the Eurasian Region
  • Political Stability and Economic Development in Turkey
  • Political Systems and Economic Performance
  • Reasons, Levels and Definitions of Political Instability
  • Channels of Political Instability to Affect the Economy
  • Developments in the Global Economy and Political Stability
  • Theory of Global Crisis
  • Theory of Economic Globalization

EFE’2016 will include the papers and presentations of the invited participants and the panels.

Selected abstracts will be sent to the referees, whose area of specialization is inline with the proposed topic, for prescreening. Papers will be selected according to the referee reports.

The selected papers will be evaluated in accordance with the procedure for the paper selection of the editorial boards of the below-mentioned journals and will enter into the referee process. Selected papers will be published in the following journals: 

  • Bilig (SSCI (SocialSciencesCitation Index), SCOPUS Cambridge/ABD, etc.),
  • Eurasian Research Journal (the first issue will be published in January 2017).

The Congress will be held in English, Turkish, Russian, Kazakh as well as other Turkic languages. The papers and abstracts can be submitted in one of these languages. The Organizing Committee would be grateful if you could confirm the language in which you are planning to deliver your presentation beforehand (during the submission).

If you have any questions please email to

The Eurasian Research Institute will cover the accommodation expenses for the presenters of the accepetd papers.


Assoc. Professor Nevzat SIMSEK, PhD
Congress Coordinator
Eurasian Research Institute of Khoca Akhmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University

Tel: +7 701 223 9389 

Call For Papers